SD 360
Genre: Film Semi / SEMI KOREA
Country: Korea
Time: 84 Menit
Year: 2013
Directed by: Ismail
gangsemi , Yun Bori , Cho Jinwoo
Scene 1

Delicious Sex (2013)

The gem stole his brother's car, rented a car, left his driving, touched the camera, and then Jae-hoon rides on the car. Jae - seon suggests to Jae - hoon that if there is a Japanese bus, there is a bus and that we should try it. I hunting a hot girl on the street, I have sex in a bag, I go to my house, I have sex, and I suggest to do something like that ... Jae Hun, who is curious, agrees. Two people looking for a target while moving by car. Suddenly, a gem stole a car and went outside. The gem starts to hunting the girl in her own mind, but she takes a distance and shoots closer. I wonder if I should be interviewed because it is an internet broadcasting, and I pick up a woman who looks like a college student. I took a job in the car and finally got into the job. I went to work while slowly taking the skinship.