SD 360
Country: Spanish
Time: 118 Menit
Year: 2009
Studio: Club Pasion
Ichigo, Am Kotegawa, Yuuka Sato, Natsuki IIjima
Scene 1

Japonesitas Peluditas 2009

A Japanese production of hard sex with young Asian girls, with a handful of hairs above her pussy. These beautiful young girls are dressed in their school uniforms and with all the desire to fuck they get to suck cock and show their great passion for sex. These beautiful girls are given good pussy licks and are masturbated with the finger tucked into her pussy and anus where they smile and cry out that the cock destroys their pussies so that they can show everything they know how to do so that the Cock can wreck her pussy where they give good ass moves until there is nothing left but scream of pain and pleasure. Great scenes of sex with these beautiful Japanese women who let these guys get run over their pussy hairs and they show it next to their open pussies. Besides all, these also are allowed to bathe the face with all the hot semen.